Freedom Flotilla: A Turning Point on a Long Path

الخميس، ١٨ مارس ٢٠١٠

!To Readers Worldwide: Needs Your Support

All through 10 years now, (IOL) has been working hard to introduce the Islamic tolerant values into the flow of everyday life. It has always addressed people's realities and concerns and opened up broader perspectives into their issues and challenges, seeking to put forth solutions and contributions through specialized sections and projects that were born to be more than a mere web network.

These days, IOL is going through an acute crisis that can put an end to it as a successful, unique model that has won the love and met the needs of a global readership. Some officials at Al-Balagh Cultural Society in Qatar, which funds IOL, are trying to grip the website, with the aim of diverting it from its moderate language and keen focus on major issues of the Ummah — particularly and most evidently the noble struggle of Palestine — to a traditional, text-bound discourse that is detached from reality and isolates the civilizational message of Islam from practical life.

At the moment, because of interventions of such officials, the editorial staff of IOL head office in Cairo — the only manager of the website's content — is held unable to do its job in covering hot topics and current events. What is more, procedures have already been initiated to lay off the 350 employees of Cairo office and deny them their due rights, only because they are standing against any breach of IOL philosophy and vision.

As we disclaim responsibility for any content published on IOL website as of Monday, March 15, 2010, our valued readers are kindly invited to take action and support us via or Fax # 00202-38274299.

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